Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Personalized, Signature Collection of Ceramic Tiles in Perth

Flooring does not have to be standard and monotonous. While you have a choice in wood, granite, marble and vitreous, the latter is the one to offer the maximum possibilities for personalization yielding unique design combations. Your floor and walls can look absolutely different. All it needs is for you to exercise some imagination and make creative use of porcelain tiles. 

Ceramic tiles are the new chic. With a hard vitreous coating that can be customized to be matte, silky, mirror or textured on the surface, these tiles are easy to lay and transform your interiors. Ceramic Tiles in Perth offered by a leading supplier help you transform and change looks of your floors. There is no lack of variety. You can go for the Rock series known for their earthy tones and textures. Place a few potted plants on the tiles and you bring nature right inside your home. With textured surfaces these porcelain tiles resemble slabs of stone. Enhance these for a look of opulent grandeur by an inlay of sparkling stones with LED backlighting and you can even create a fairy tale atmosphere that looks so enchanting with the lights of your room dimmed. 

Your taste may be different and rustic may not be your first choice. Smooth mirror polished surfaces appeal to quite a few not only because of chic looks but also because they are easy to maintain, especially in bath areas that use elegant Hand Basins Perth based hardware supplier offers. In such cases the gloss range of porcelain tiles with or without honed finishes create light and airy spaces.  Take it a step further by ordering inkjet printed porcelain tiles for your walls. It becomes a mural depicting your signature style. 

The sky is not the limit for creativity in tiles and floor as well as wall claddings using porcelain. You can transform walls and floors into works of art at luxecollections. 


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